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Auslan and Deaf Awareness Training

Hi I have given a couple sessions to pharmacy students at RMIT and Monash this week and they have been really receptive and they are keen to learn how to better future health professionals to better serve the Deaf and HOH community. They learned some simple signs and they have been advised about NABS. NABS now has an app on the iPhone which I just discovered yesterday where there is a form you or the health professional can fill out to make booking with an interpereter to attend your appointment.

There is also an app for Auslan signs which is great as well.

I have also given them some strategies and tips on how to serve the Deaf and HOH communtiy and advised them that no matter how busy you are you must try to find the time to spend quality time with them and to be patient as community pharmacies can be really busy nowadays.

But we the Deaf and HOH must do our part and that is to let them know you are Deaf and you need help with having your script processed or a product enquiry and let them know you are happy to write on paper or you prefer to use NABS service. But if you are HOH and you can lipread and you have trouble understanding them then we need to be assertive and say sorry I dont understand please speak slow or clear or can you please write that down? They most likely may be happy to do that or you can contact me if you have a product or personal enquiry anytime.

If you have any opinions on how your pharmacy experience can be improved then Im happy to hear from you by email to