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Hartmann for Urinary Incontinence

About 4.8 million people in Australia are affected by urinary incontinence (involuntary loss of urine from the bladder or accidental urine leakage). 37% of women are affected & 14% in men.

There are few types of incontinence:

1) Stress incontinence: small urine leakage caused by laughing, coughing, sneezing

2) Urge incontinence: sudden strong need to urinate often without reaching the toilet in time

3) Overflow incontinence: inability to completely empty the bladder causing leakage at inappropriate times

4) Functional incontinence: inability to get to toilet due to physical/mental disability

More than 40% of people with incontinece suffer from incontinence associated dermatitis (skin problems due to incontinence) and it compromises the integrity of the skin.

There are 3 levels of incontinence:

1) light volumes (eg. stress incontinence): 0.5-1 cup 

2) moderate-heavy volumes (eg. stress or urge incontinece): 1-2 cups

3) severe or very heavy volumes (no bladder control eg. immobile or post surgery): >2 cups

If unsure do pad weight test. Weight of wet pad-weight of dry pad= amount of urine leakage

The Hartmann Moli range for incontinence has a unique 3 layer absorbent core: patented curly fiber top layer, super absorbent core in the middle and at the bottom layer is a stabilising cellulose base layer. This means it has a high absorption capacity. It also is antibacterial so it prevents against bacterial growth on skin, hypoallergenic, maintains skin pH levels of 4.5-5.5, skin friendly and dermatologist tested.

The Hartmann Moli products for customers with light incontinence would benefit from:

Molimed Premium Micro or Ultra Micro, Molimed Premium Mini or Midi, Molimed Premium Max or Pants Active.

These products are suitable for those who leaks small volumes of urine up to 1 cup, males/females, stress incontinence and active/mobile in the community.

For those with moderate-heavy incontinence: MoliCare Mobile Light, MoliCare Light or MoliCare Comfort.

 Suitable for those who leaks 1-2 cups, male/female, stress or urge incontince, active/mobile in community or cared for in a home or care facility.

For those with heavy incontinence: MoliCare Mobile Super or Super Plus. 

Suitable for those who leaks >2 cups, male/female, complete loss of bladder control, active/mobile in community or cared for in a home/care facility or had surgery recently and experience difficulty to access toilet.

MoliMed or MoliForm for Men products are available for men who had pre- or post-prostate surgery or experience light or moderate dribbling or incontinence of 1/2 to 2 cups.