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Welcome to Butterfly Pharmacy

"Bridging the gap in health for Deaf and Hard of Hearing".

My name is Maryan Raffaello and I'm the first Deaf pharmacist in Australia.

This is a health information website for both Deaf and Hard of Hearing whose first language is Auslan or they are fluent in Auslan and would like to access the resources I have available here.

You can access Auslan videos of Medicine Information on the left side and informational videos on health conditions under Health Care Areas on the right side of this page.

You can sign up for notices of any new videos being added as well as any important news that may be relevant to the medicines you are taking such as recalls, etc.

This is a non-profit company and I'm doing this initiative in my spare time so any donations via Paypal to or contributions is greatly appreciated to help keep this website going.

I also welcome any feedback or questions on my Blog area, Facebook or Twitter.

I also have an email address if you wish to email me a personal or private enquiry at




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